[BTS 95line] The Merboy and the Human 4/4
Title: The Merboy and the Human
Pairing: 95line (Jimin and Taehyung)
Rating: PG
Summary: Taehyung have 24 hours to experience being a human with Jimin's help.
A/N: This is probably the last of the series! :)

“Can you show me around? Be my guide!” Taehyung hugs his arm, as his friend think of where to go. Since we met when we’re kids…
“Hurry up slowpoke!” Jimin teases as the merboy stumbles after him clumsily, slowing down so he can catch up. They stood facing the playground, and it took a moment for Taehyung to register what the place is.
“The playground…” he breathes out, eyes lighting up and he’s off, running and falling a few times before he gets to the slide. Jimin watches his friend cheering loudly as he slides down, hands in the air before he moves on to the ride, hugging the railings with his body and gesturing for Jimin to spin it. He starts off slowly at first, before he turns it so fast everything is a blur for Taehyung who yelps, dizzy from it. Once he is fully recovered though, he heads for the swings and drags his friend along.
“Higher, higher!” he demands childishly as Jimin pushes him from behind, complaining about how heavy he is. The human boys obliges, smiling at how happy Taehyung looks
“I’m flying!” the merboy yells out, oblivious to the strange looks he gets from the kids and their parents.
“Oof!” Jimin yelps when he gets hit by Taehyung’s swing, falling on his bottom and rubbing it with a wince. His vision is blocked by a tall shadow and Taehyung stands over him, holding his hand out while biting his lip nervously.
“Are you okay?” he assures him that he’s fine, taking his hand. They decided to go to another place, the place which Taehyung wouldn’t stop asking about.

“Why must I wear this? We’re not a couple or anything!” Jimin is whining, adjusting the furry panda hat Taehyung had put on him. They took the bus to the zoo, with the merboy staring out of the window as Jimin explains to him what all those are. The queue is shorter than expected, and soon they’re in the zoo, with wooden signs pointing to all the animals’ enclosures. The first thing Taehyung sees is the souvenir shop filled with soft toys and other little trinkets, picking up a lion hat to wear. “Must we be a couple to wear this?” The two of them stand outside under the scorching sun after that, staring blankly at the map.

They have it upside down and it’s only when a kind staff helped them to correct it that they realised. “It’s been so long since I have come here.” Jimin admits sheepishly, scratching his head. They decide to go to the furthest enclosures first, which is the arctic animals. Taehyung have only heard about those that live in the cold arctic, and his eyes are fixated on the creatures. Getting Jimin’s attention, he mimics the movement of the penguins and his friend follows, both of them laughing at their silly act.

They move on to the African animals after that, and Taehyung declares he’s a lion, roaring as Jimin hit his shoulder lightly, embarrassed by his friend. It didn’t last long though, since the next moment he have his mouth wide open too, making a small sound that is nothing like the roar. They have fun looking at all the animals, Taehyung commenting on how they look and joking around with Jimin. They were making a nuisance of themselves, but no one minds the two’s antics, more concentrated on the animals than them. They finished exploring the whole of the zoo and by the time they are done its already evening. Their stomach growls in unison, and they nod at each other, heading to the nearest fast food restaurant to fill their stomachs.

“I bet you’ll love the next place! It’s my favourite place in the world even till now.” Jimin munches on his hamburger hungrily. Taehyung is stuffing his face with the fries, dipping it in chili sauce “Ah hot!!” he exclaims when he dips too much of it, drinking the soda hurriedly. He burps from the gas, catching Jimin’s gaze as the boy reaches out to ruffle his hair. “I’m not going to steal your food, so eat slowly.” Taehyung nods with a hum, teeth showing in a wide grin as he continues to eat. He picks up the chicken wing, taking a bite hesitantly before he makes a sound of approval, finishing it within minutes. Jimin is still eating his burger when his friend steals his fries, but he lets him, pretending to not notice at all. It’s a little hard to ignore when he reaches for his fries but its empty.

“Yah Kim Taehyung!”

Patting their stomachs in satisfaction, they strolled out, Jimin leading the way confidently. The journey to the arcade felt longer than usual, since Taehyung gets distracted by the other shops and pulls him in to look at all the items in it. Jimin have never noticed the things that Taehyung tells him, even though he have seen the place hundreds of times. They finally stopped in front of the arcade, the sound of people cheering and the different music of the machines create a unique soundtrack of their own.

With a card in hand, they head for the counter and top up so they can play the games. “Can we play everything?” Jimin reads the game credits in it with the card reader. “Yeah.” He nods, turning back to find that his friend had wandered off, heading to where people are crowding around a particular machine. Two people were competing against each other on the dance machine, and Taehyung joins in with the cheering. Everyone clap and the crowd began to disperse when it comes to an end. “Why aren’t they playing anymore?” he have a small pout as Jimin slides in next to him “We can play it then. I bet you will lose!” Jimin is determined to win, his competiveness taking over as he steps onto the machine.

Taehyung shrugs “We’ll see.” He comments jokingly about how his long legs will give him an advantage as the shorter boy scoffs playfully at that. The merboy’s arms and legs are uncoordinated and he struggles to mimic the moves shown on the screen, while Jimin easily scores combos for it. By the time they are on their last song though, Taehyung is catching up after understanding the game properly and is better at controlling his legs. They ended with a tie which leaves them feeling unsatisfied. Jimin grabs the hammer and nudges Taehyung to pick up the other, their eyes darting around and hands moving quickly to hit all the moles that pop their head out.

“Won’t they die?” he thought that the moles are real, since they move on their own. “They can’t feel anything. It’s a machine.” His human friend thinks that Taehyung cares for all the living things so much, it’s cute to see him being worried about hurting them. They go to the basketball machine next, then a shooting games and finally a car racing game. Jimin complains about how the merboy must have lied to him since he’s quick to master each game and even manage to win him in some.

“You’re just jealous!” Taehyung sticks his tongue out at him cheekily, laughing when Jimin chases after him.

“Where to next? Its night time.” As it gets closer to midnight, Taehyung is getting increasingly restless, afraid that his legs will be gone when they are in a crowded place. That would be the worst thing to happen. Besides, he is getting used to walking, and secretly wishes he have more time to be with Jimin like this. He’s sitting on Jimin’s bed, watching as the boy takes out another outfit to change into.
“You’ll see. Change into thi-” once he have finished changing he turns to Taehyung, mouth open as the other have an outfit similar to his.
“I can change my outfit.” Taehyung laughs at his look and flicks his forehead.
“What is this place? How come you can go in just like that?” the merboy asks when they are ushered in by the bouncer after they looked at Jimin, who grin proudly at him
“I’m a VIP. It means very important person.”  He gets a small “oh.” In reply and holds his hand securely, making sure he won’t get lost in the sea of people. The loud music and flashing lights greets them, everyone dancing and moving their body along to the beat.

“Let’s go and get some drinks!” Jimin have to shout to be heard, and the merboy nods, already feeling pumped up by the music as he bobs his head. Handing a small glass of vodka to Taehyung, Jimin takes a big gulp out of his. The merboy follows and nearly spat out the bitter liquid
“It tastes horrible!” he complains as his friend chuckles “You will get used to it. Try to drink slowly so you won’t get drunk.” Taehyung ignores his words though, taking sip after sip until his cup is empty. He reaches out for another and downs the drink more quickly this time. Jimin notices the tell-tale signs of his friend being drunk as his face gets red.

“Tae, stop now.” He pull him by the arm to the middle of the dance floor, body pressed against each other. Jimin is suddenly aware of how attractive Taehyung looks, how close his face is as his friend gives him an impish grin, moving enthusiastically to the music. “Why aren’t you dancing?” he’s murmuring into his ear now, voice slightly huskier than normal that has Jimin gulping and staring up at him before he laughs it off nervously, dancing along to the music. He shakes his head when hes sure Taehyung is not looking, thinking he must have too much to drink. Taehyung is looking at Jimin, wondering why he’s behaving so strangely and hugs him to him tightly. Jimin squirms and gives up when the other tightens his grip, staying with him like this.

Jimin is urged to drink more and by the time they left the club he’s already as drunk, if not even more drunk as Taehyung. They are singing loudly at the top of their voice, arms around each other as they stagger back to the beach.
“It’s nearly dawn.” They are sitting on the rocks, quiet as they are getting sober. “I want to hang out with you like this forever.” Taehyung tries not to cry, upset that he can’t be with Jimin like this for as long as he wants. Jimin pats his back to comfort him “We can still hang out! Next time you have to take me to your kingdom. Men don’t cry.” He wipes his tears away and smile softly.
But it’s not the same. I can’t dance with you.
Taehyung didn’t say anything, staring at his feet as sparkles surrounds it. Jimin is watching it quietly, the two of them letting out a soft sigh when it became a tail again. “It was fun while it lasted.” Taehyung manages a smile, leaning his head on Jimin’s shoulder.

[BTS 95line] The Merboy and the Human 3/?
Title: The Merboy and the Human
Pairing: 95line (Jimin and Taehyung)
Rating: PG
Summary: Jimin wonders about their future, and Taehyung is granted a wish during his coming of age ceremony.
A/N: And the adventure begins! I have came to love this fic the more and more i work on it, and the love for 95line is growing more and more too.


As they grow older, Jimin realises how different he is from his peers. He have friends other than Taehyung, but he usually meet them only in school, and rarely hang out with them. He uses his free time to be with Taehyung, talking with him for hours on end. There isn’t much of Taehyung’s kind left and even fewer when it comes to those around his age so the merboy isn’t that bothered to hang out with them. His brother Jin would appear to call him home, and Jimin comments on how good looking his brother is.
Am I normal?
Jimin thought to himself when he listen to his friends talking about girls and clothes, showing off their phones. He isn’t that keen about clothes, whatever is comfortable and looks decent he will put it on. As for girls he have a crush on one for the longest time. Taehyung urged him to ask her on a date but he is too shy to do so, contenting himself with watching her from afar.
Jimin knows that he is way past the age of believing in fairy tales, but how can he not when his friend is a merperson? Taehyung is as real as any other organism in the world, and he really wants to show him off to the world. It saddens him that he can’t tell anyone about him, but since it concerns the safety of his friend he understands.

Its not like anyone will believe me anyway.

Sometimes he wonders if they will stop meeting each other just like that.
Because im a human after all. And when we are all grown up we can’t hang out like this anymore.
The thought saddens him and he tries to ignore the pain in his heart, but he never tells Taehyung about it. The merboy always have a smile on his face, he doesn’t have the heart to make that smile disappear even for a second.

By the time they are nearly 18, Jimin decides that he should take a risk and explore Taehyung’s fascinating world. He is willing to do anything for his friend, and where Taehyung came from shouldn’t be as horrifying as I thought, right? It’s time to conquer my fear so I can know all about where he lives!

He works for Namjoon, a stationary shop owner and saves up every penny he gets. The long hours were tiring but thinking about how happy Taehyung would be makes it easier. Namjoon is a kind employer and treats him like his own brother, which makes it all the more enjoyable. He have his eyes set on the scuba diving gear that can take him to the depths of the sea, where Taehyung’s Magical underwater kingdom is. The work makes his meeting with Taehyung less frequent, and in order not to ruin the surprise he gave Taehyung vague answers when he asks.
“I have to go to work. See you!”
Jimin is rushing off yet again, reaching the village before Taehyung can even reply. He understands that work is what the human adults do so they have money to eat, is Jimin an adult now? Or does his family have difficulty with money?
Jimin is too busy for me now.
He can’t help thinking dejectedly. He talks to the fishes and water fairies instead, but it’s not the same as talking to Jimin. They don’t have exciting tales to tell him but only news about the kingdom, which is boring to him.
He wants to hear more stories about the sea!
He flips through his diary that is filled with all of Jimin’s stories of the land and sighs to himself wistfully. The pages are curled up at the edges, signs of it being frequently read. The binds are getting loose from the overwhelmingly amount of papers, threatening to burst out at any moment. Nearly every page was filled with words, but the ones recently are an exception, with the latest entry being the shortest:

I miss Jimin and I miss talking with him. It isn’t the same anymore, he’s always leaving halfway and forgetting where he left off the next day. Is he getting sick of me now?
One day, I will join Jimin on land to see whats hes so busy with and help him!

With that clear goal in mind, Taehyung set to work to prepare all that is needed to achieve that goal.

To thank the merpeople for their protection and kindness, the sea fairies offered to grant the wish of those that come of age. Taehyung whispers into the conch shell “I want to have a pair of legs.”
Nothing happened and he was beginning to doubt the magic. He have seen the wish come true so many times before, why wasn’t his granted? “The wish will only come true on the actual day. When you wake up whatever you have wished for will be there.” The elder tell him gently.
Taehyung dives into his blankets eagerly, excitement keeping him awake as he look at the fishes swimming past his window. “I’m going to have legs tomorrow!” he tells them as their mouth open and close, bubbles floating upwards.

The first thing Taehyung noticed when he wake up was that the lower half of his body felt…weird. He felt cold and this has never happened before. Where’s my tail? Panic rushes in until he remembers his wish the day before. Could it be…? He wriggles his body and pull the blankets off, staring in wonder. Gone are the tail and in its place are a pair of legs. He stands up, wobbling dangerously as he gripped onto the bedframe.

It takes a while to adjust and Taehyung knew he needs to practice walking, but who cares? He have legs now! He can go and walk on land with Jimin!
He grabs the long shirt that belongs to his brother, throwing it on before jumping into the pants. For the first time, it was difficult swimming with legs instead of a tail, but Taehyung have seen swimmers doing it and copies their movements.

“Jimin!” he shouts his name and waves excitedly when he sees the boy waiting for him at their usual meeting place. Jimin seems to be hiding something behind his back, getting the closest to the water than Taehyung have ever seen him being. Jimin is all ready to surprise the merboy with his scuba gear, only to see Taehyung stumbling out of the waves grinning like an idiot, wobbling on two unfairly long shapely legs. Taehyung leans against a rock grinning from ear to ear as Jimin approaches, stunned speechless.

"I always knew I’d be taller than you if I had legs" Taehyung taunts cheekily, taking a step forward and promptly tumbling to the ground, smile still plastered to his face as he suddenly finds himself looking up at jimins rapidly lightening expression.
"That’s more like it, beneath me where you belong," jimin grins before taehyung pulls his legs out from under him and he finds himself sprawled next to his newly bipedal friend.
“What’s that in your hands? Is it something you earned from work?” Taehyung asks, pointing to the scuba gear. Jimin scratches his neck, embarrassed at being found out as he explains the reason why he started working.
“It was supposed to be a surprise. You know the equipment that can help humans reach your kingdom? This is the Scuba gear.”
He hands it over to Taehyung, letting him examine it before taking it away from him.
“I can use it another time. Now, what do you want to do first? Anywhere you have in mind?”
Taehyung’s getting giddy with excitement, head spinning with all the places he wants to go. He deflates slightly when he remembers the note he received.
“This spell will only last for a day.” Jimin pats his back, telling him that it is more than enough and to trust him.

[BTS 95line] The Merboy and the Human 2/?
Title: The Merboy and the Human
Pairing: 95line (Jimin and Taehyung)
Rating: PG
Summary: Jimin became secret friends with a merboy named Taehyung.
A/N: Because it was too long i had to cut it up (i did it according to the sequence of the prompts) more to come~

The sea

This continued on for days, and it seems they never run out of anything to tell each other. Jimin have never thought of his life as exciting before, but the way Taehyung asks about everything makes him notice his surroundings more. Taehyung, having not taught any matters of the land, doesn’t know what he is saying half of the time so Jimin tries to explain as best as he can. This makes it hard for him especially when its things like a vacuum cleaner and squirrel. He tried to draw them at home so he could show Taehyung but it doesn’t end up well. (Jimin is not that good at drawing and the end product is far from the real thing)
“It will be easier if I could show you! That way I can demonstrate to you what it does.”
It isn’t possible for him to take a squirrel or a vacuum cleaner without his parents scolding him, so before meeting Taehyung he would look around his house, taking a few objects to put in his bag. His friend is more than delighted by the objects no matter what it is, studying it closely and trying to guess what it does before Jimin tells him.

“Wait,wait! I got it! Its food for…rabbits?”
Taehyung guesses with an eraser in hand, and if not for Jimin he would have ate it up.
“I should give him something nice too.”
The merboy swims slowly around his room, and heads out to look for a gift. He scoops up the shells shattered all over the floor, picking out the prettiest. When he presents them to Jimin proudly he is satisfied by the shining eyes and smile by the other, who takes the shells and traces his finger over the patterns.
“It’s your turn. Tell me more about your home.”
The merboy thinks for a while before he start to speak, telling him about the time he saw a golden turtle and want to keep it as his pet. It didn’t end well, with the turtle biting him and his parents scolding him for treating such a sacred creature with disrespect.
“With have a lot of tales that are usually true. And we all know magic too! I can’t wait to go to school to learn more!”
It became a daily routine for them to swap stories, and even when they are schooling they always make sure to have time to meet each other at least thrice a week. Whenever they see a new object they would think of the other, and keep it in their bag to show it when they meet. Jimin would take his homework and do it by the sea, handing his textbook for Taehyung to read. The merboy will practice his magic sometimes, and they found out humans can’t perform magic when Jimin tries to learn it.

Taehyung have been wondering for a while now.
“Can you swim?”
He asks Jimin whos lying on his stomach, legs swinging back and forth in the air. At the question he freeze, before nodding slowly.
“Why don’t you play in the sea with me?”
The merboy doesn’t see the way he sighs or the way he grabs a fistful of sand.
“I don’t feel like swimming today.”
Jimin lies, but the merboy doesn’t give up. He really wants his friend to join him in the water so they can have fun. He cant move much on land but it’s a different matter when hes on the sea, just the thought of him having a swim race with Jimin gets him excited. Flicking water with his tail at his friend’s direction, he slides into the water.

As Taehyung gesture for him to go over, he eyes the water warily before dipping his feet into the water gingerly. He remembers the water pulling him down to the depths of the sea, darkness filing his vision completely and he shivers, backing away from the water quickly.
“I’m sorry. I-I can’t.”
Taehyung notices his weird behaviour and approach him, concerned expression on his face. He reach out to hold Jimin’s hand, patting his back when he feels him trembling.
“Are you afraid of the water?”
Jimin takes in a few deep breaths to calm himself down, gripping his hand. When he starts speaking, his voice is weak
He starts to talk about how he ran into the sea when he was younger, thinking that the water is shallow.
“When I ran in, I couldn’t feel my legs. The water was so deep…it was hard to breathe and I struggled to swim up.”
He finds himself back in the sea again, drowning and gasping for air.
“I couldn’t see anything, the water was so cold…”
He trails off and Taehyung offers him a hug, feeling the other hold onto him tightly.
“­­The sea isn’t a horrible place. I came from the sea remember?”
Jimin merely nods, relieved that his friend is here.
Maybe I can conquer the fear with his help.

[BTS 95line] The Merboy and the Human 1/?
Title: The Merboy and the Human
Pairing: 95line (Jimin and Taehyung)
Rating: PG
Summary: Jimin was out on a stroll by the beach when he finds something on the beach.
A/N: This is created with prompts by Kat on Ask.fm it was supposed to be a one shot but it became so long (while i die from the visual images them being cute as heck)
*Its not really a shipping fic, more of bromance.

First Meeting

Walking along the coast, a young boy in shorts and dungarees was enjoying the peace and quiet when a voice breaks the silence.
The boy glances around, searching for the source of the sound. His black hair stirs in the breeze as he looks this way and that. A movement at the corner of his eyes make him notice an old fishing net with a giant tail of a fish.
“Help me!”
The young boy blinks in confusion
Is that a talking fish?
He approaches the net, view obstructed by the rock. As he walks closer, he stops, rubbing his eyes at the sight that greeted him.
The owner of the tail isn't a gigantic fish that he had expected, but a boy that looks younger than him. He snaps out of his daze when the stranger shouts again, and bends down. Setting to work, he murmurs soft words of comfort to the terrified boy while his fingers work on the net, throwing it aside.
The stranger lets out a sigh of relief, heading for the sea with his tail propelling him forward slowly. He stops and turns back, as if he have forgotten something.
“Thank you”
The two stares at each other, until the land dweller blurts out a question.
“W-what are you?”
Tilting his head, he glances at his tail and then the legs on the other,
“I'm part of the merpeople. Are you a human?”
At the nod, his eyes shines with curiosity, and he seems to be in less of a hurry to leave.
“My name is Taehyung. What’s yours?”
He doesn't want to leave, for it’s the first time he have seen a human up close.
Uncle was lying, they don't look like monsters, they look like us!
Taehyung thought as Jimin took a moment to reply him. He is still staring at the tail, glimmering as the sun shone down on them.
“I’m Jimin. Can I…can I touch your tail?”
He reaches his hand out to stroke the scales and Taehyung lets him, scaring him by suddenly moving his tail. The tail nearly slaps Jimin in the face if not for his quick reflexes.
Did I hurt him?
“I have to go now! Mother is calling for me.”
He moves closer to the water, getting ready to dive back in.
“Will you come back?”
Taehyung nods and grins brightly, waving before diving into the sea.
Jimin watches till he can’t see him anymore, and runs back home to tell his parents about the discovery.

“He exists!”
Jimin grumbles as he strolls along the ocean again, in the hopes that he will see Taehyung again. His parents have laughed it off when he told them, ruffling his hair and talking about how it’s good to be so young and innocent. Something wet and soggy lands on his face and he yelps, peeling the piece of seaweed off to the sound of laughter.
“Who were you talking to?”
Taehyung is there, tail swinging side to side gently. Jimin grabs his hand, determine to bring him to his parents.
“Mum and dad doesn’t believe me! I’m going to show you to them.”
Taehyung gets dragged across the sand before he manages to stop him
“I can’t walk in these. Besides, humans are not supposed to know about our existence.”
Jimin lets go of him immediately, apologizing for his rash actions.
“I guess we won’t meet again?” his eyes are downcast as he bite his lips, trying not to look upset.
Taehyung merely shrugs it off, glancing around as if to make sure that they are alone.
“We can be secret friends.”
At his suggestion Jimin’s expression brightens, and he holds up his pinky.
Taehyung gives him a confused look, until Jimin takes his pinky to link with his.
“This is a pinky promise. It means that the other can’t go back on their word.”
Taehyung’s face changes into an expression of understanding and he nods. They sit down side by side, Taehyung leaning against the rock as they stay near the shoreline. They feel the warm breeze and watch the ship in the far distance, enjoying the companionable silence.
“Can you tell me more about your world?”
Both of them turn to each other and say at the same time, eyes widening before bursting into fits of giggles.
Taehyung proceeds to tell him about his life in the underwater kingdom, to thank him for explaining about what a pinky promise is.
“We can talk to all the creatures of the sea, and sometimes I play with the sharks.”
At that Jimin makes a sound of surprise
“Won't they eat you up?”
His flicks some sand at Jimin with his tail playfully.
“No, we are like one big family! Jin hyung says that it is because we are rulers of the sea~”
Jimin couldn't hide his amazement at the statement, but before he could ask more Taehyung is bombarding him with questions.
“Can you communicate with other animals on the land? Does everything walk on two legs like you? What do you eat?”
Jimin laughs at how enthusiastic he is and answers all of the questions dutifully, noticing how Taehyung hangs on to his every word. They talk till the sun goes down and both realise they really had to go home now, promising to meet each other the next day.


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