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[BTS 95line] The Merboy and the Human 4/4
tiggerbang wrote in gukdae
Title: The Merboy and the Human
Pairing: 95line (Jimin and Taehyung)
Rating: PG
Summary: Taehyung have 24 hours to experience being a human with Jimin's help.
A/N: This is probably the last of the series! :)

“Can you show me around? Be my guide!” Taehyung hugs his arm, as his friend think of where to go. Since we met when we’re kids…
“Hurry up slowpoke!” Jimin teases as the merboy stumbles after him clumsily, slowing down so he can catch up. They stood facing the playground, and it took a moment for Taehyung to register what the place is.
“The playground…” he breathes out, eyes lighting up and he’s off, running and falling a few times before he gets to the slide. Jimin watches his friend cheering loudly as he slides down, hands in the air before he moves on to the ride, hugging the railings with his body and gesturing for Jimin to spin it. He starts off slowly at first, before he turns it so fast everything is a blur for Taehyung who yelps, dizzy from it. Once he is fully recovered though, he heads for the swings and drags his friend along.
“Higher, higher!” he demands childishly as Jimin pushes him from behind, complaining about how heavy he is. The human boys obliges, smiling at how happy Taehyung looks
“I’m flying!” the merboy yells out, oblivious to the strange looks he gets from the kids and their parents.
“Oof!” Jimin yelps when he gets hit by Taehyung’s swing, falling on his bottom and rubbing it with a wince. His vision is blocked by a tall shadow and Taehyung stands over him, holding his hand out while biting his lip nervously.
“Are you okay?” he assures him that he’s fine, taking his hand. They decided to go to another place, the place which Taehyung wouldn’t stop asking about.

“Why must I wear this? We’re not a couple or anything!” Jimin is whining, adjusting the furry panda hat Taehyung had put on him. They took the bus to the zoo, with the merboy staring out of the window as Jimin explains to him what all those are. The queue is shorter than expected, and soon they’re in the zoo, with wooden signs pointing to all the animals’ enclosures. The first thing Taehyung sees is the souvenir shop filled with soft toys and other little trinkets, picking up a lion hat to wear. “Must we be a couple to wear this?” The two of them stand outside under the scorching sun after that, staring blankly at the map.

They have it upside down and it’s only when a kind staff helped them to correct it that they realised. “It’s been so long since I have come here.” Jimin admits sheepishly, scratching his head. They decide to go to the furthest enclosures first, which is the arctic animals. Taehyung have only heard about those that live in the cold arctic, and his eyes are fixated on the creatures. Getting Jimin’s attention, he mimics the movement of the penguins and his friend follows, both of them laughing at their silly act.

They move on to the African animals after that, and Taehyung declares he’s a lion, roaring as Jimin hit his shoulder lightly, embarrassed by his friend. It didn’t last long though, since the next moment he have his mouth wide open too, making a small sound that is nothing like the roar. They have fun looking at all the animals, Taehyung commenting on how they look and joking around with Jimin. They were making a nuisance of themselves, but no one minds the two’s antics, more concentrated on the animals than them. They finished exploring the whole of the zoo and by the time they are done its already evening. Their stomach growls in unison, and they nod at each other, heading to the nearest fast food restaurant to fill their stomachs.

“I bet you’ll love the next place! It’s my favourite place in the world even till now.” Jimin munches on his hamburger hungrily. Taehyung is stuffing his face with the fries, dipping it in chili sauce “Ah hot!!” he exclaims when he dips too much of it, drinking the soda hurriedly. He burps from the gas, catching Jimin’s gaze as the boy reaches out to ruffle his hair. “I’m not going to steal your food, so eat slowly.” Taehyung nods with a hum, teeth showing in a wide grin as he continues to eat. He picks up the chicken wing, taking a bite hesitantly before he makes a sound of approval, finishing it within minutes. Jimin is still eating his burger when his friend steals his fries, but he lets him, pretending to not notice at all. It’s a little hard to ignore when he reaches for his fries but its empty.

“Yah Kim Taehyung!”

Patting their stomachs in satisfaction, they strolled out, Jimin leading the way confidently. The journey to the arcade felt longer than usual, since Taehyung gets distracted by the other shops and pulls him in to look at all the items in it. Jimin have never noticed the things that Taehyung tells him, even though he have seen the place hundreds of times. They finally stopped in front of the arcade, the sound of people cheering and the different music of the machines create a unique soundtrack of their own.

With a card in hand, they head for the counter and top up so they can play the games. “Can we play everything?” Jimin reads the game credits in it with the card reader. “Yeah.” He nods, turning back to find that his friend had wandered off, heading to where people are crowding around a particular machine. Two people were competing against each other on the dance machine, and Taehyung joins in with the cheering. Everyone clap and the crowd began to disperse when it comes to an end. “Why aren’t they playing anymore?” he have a small pout as Jimin slides in next to him “We can play it then. I bet you will lose!” Jimin is determined to win, his competiveness taking over as he steps onto the machine.

Taehyung shrugs “We’ll see.” He comments jokingly about how his long legs will give him an advantage as the shorter boy scoffs playfully at that. The merboy’s arms and legs are uncoordinated and he struggles to mimic the moves shown on the screen, while Jimin easily scores combos for it. By the time they are on their last song though, Taehyung is catching up after understanding the game properly and is better at controlling his legs. They ended with a tie which leaves them feeling unsatisfied. Jimin grabs the hammer and nudges Taehyung to pick up the other, their eyes darting around and hands moving quickly to hit all the moles that pop their head out.

“Won’t they die?” he thought that the moles are real, since they move on their own. “They can’t feel anything. It’s a machine.” His human friend thinks that Taehyung cares for all the living things so much, it’s cute to see him being worried about hurting them. They go to the basketball machine next, then a shooting games and finally a car racing game. Jimin complains about how the merboy must have lied to him since he’s quick to master each game and even manage to win him in some.

“You’re just jealous!” Taehyung sticks his tongue out at him cheekily, laughing when Jimin chases after him.

“Where to next? Its night time.” As it gets closer to midnight, Taehyung is getting increasingly restless, afraid that his legs will be gone when they are in a crowded place. That would be the worst thing to happen. Besides, he is getting used to walking, and secretly wishes he have more time to be with Jimin like this. He’s sitting on Jimin’s bed, watching as the boy takes out another outfit to change into.
“You’ll see. Change into thi-” once he have finished changing he turns to Taehyung, mouth open as the other have an outfit similar to his.
“I can change my outfit.” Taehyung laughs at his look and flicks his forehead.
“What is this place? How come you can go in just like that?” the merboy asks when they are ushered in by the bouncer after they looked at Jimin, who grin proudly at him
“I’m a VIP. It means very important person.”  He gets a small “oh.” In reply and holds his hand securely, making sure he won’t get lost in the sea of people. The loud music and flashing lights greets them, everyone dancing and moving their body along to the beat.

“Let’s go and get some drinks!” Jimin have to shout to be heard, and the merboy nods, already feeling pumped up by the music as he bobs his head. Handing a small glass of vodka to Taehyung, Jimin takes a big gulp out of his. The merboy follows and nearly spat out the bitter liquid
“It tastes horrible!” he complains as his friend chuckles “You will get used to it. Try to drink slowly so you won’t get drunk.” Taehyung ignores his words though, taking sip after sip until his cup is empty. He reaches out for another and downs the drink more quickly this time. Jimin notices the tell-tale signs of his friend being drunk as his face gets red.

“Tae, stop now.” He pull him by the arm to the middle of the dance floor, body pressed against each other. Jimin is suddenly aware of how attractive Taehyung looks, how close his face is as his friend gives him an impish grin, moving enthusiastically to the music. “Why aren’t you dancing?” he’s murmuring into his ear now, voice slightly huskier than normal that has Jimin gulping and staring up at him before he laughs it off nervously, dancing along to the music. He shakes his head when hes sure Taehyung is not looking, thinking he must have too much to drink. Taehyung is looking at Jimin, wondering why he’s behaving so strangely and hugs him to him tightly. Jimin squirms and gives up when the other tightens his grip, staying with him like this.

Jimin is urged to drink more and by the time they left the club he’s already as drunk, if not even more drunk as Taehyung. They are singing loudly at the top of their voice, arms around each other as they stagger back to the beach.
“It’s nearly dawn.” They are sitting on the rocks, quiet as they are getting sober. “I want to hang out with you like this forever.” Taehyung tries not to cry, upset that he can’t be with Jimin like this for as long as he wants. Jimin pats his back to comfort him “We can still hang out! Next time you have to take me to your kingdom. Men don’t cry.” He wipes his tears away and smile softly.
But it’s not the same. I can’t dance with you.
Taehyung didn’t say anything, staring at his feet as sparkles surrounds it. Jimin is watching it quietly, the two of them letting out a soft sigh when it became a tail again. “It was fun while it lasted.” Taehyung manages a smile, leaning his head on Jimin’s shoulder.


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