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[BTS 95line] The Merboy and the Human 1/?
tiggerbang wrote in gukdae
Title: The Merboy and the Human
Pairing: 95line (Jimin and Taehyung)
Rating: PG
Summary: Jimin was out on a stroll by the beach when he finds something on the beach.
A/N: This is created with prompts by Kat on it was supposed to be a one shot but it became so long (while i die from the visual images them being cute as heck)
*Its not really a shipping fic, more of bromance.

First Meeting

Walking along the coast, a young boy in shorts and dungarees was enjoying the peace and quiet when a voice breaks the silence.
The boy glances around, searching for the source of the sound. His black hair stirs in the breeze as he looks this way and that. A movement at the corner of his eyes make him notice an old fishing net with a giant tail of a fish.
“Help me!”
The young boy blinks in confusion
Is that a talking fish?
He approaches the net, view obstructed by the rock. As he walks closer, he stops, rubbing his eyes at the sight that greeted him.
The owner of the tail isn't a gigantic fish that he had expected, but a boy that looks younger than him. He snaps out of his daze when the stranger shouts again, and bends down. Setting to work, he murmurs soft words of comfort to the terrified boy while his fingers work on the net, throwing it aside.
The stranger lets out a sigh of relief, heading for the sea with his tail propelling him forward slowly. He stops and turns back, as if he have forgotten something.
“Thank you”
The two stares at each other, until the land dweller blurts out a question.
“W-what are you?”
Tilting his head, he glances at his tail and then the legs on the other,
“I'm part of the merpeople. Are you a human?”
At the nod, his eyes shines with curiosity, and he seems to be in less of a hurry to leave.
“My name is Taehyung. What’s yours?”
He doesn't want to leave, for it’s the first time he have seen a human up close.
Uncle was lying, they don't look like monsters, they look like us!
Taehyung thought as Jimin took a moment to reply him. He is still staring at the tail, glimmering as the sun shone down on them.
“I’m Jimin. Can I…can I touch your tail?”
He reaches his hand out to stroke the scales and Taehyung lets him, scaring him by suddenly moving his tail. The tail nearly slaps Jimin in the face if not for his quick reflexes.
Did I hurt him?
“I have to go now! Mother is calling for me.”
He moves closer to the water, getting ready to dive back in.
“Will you come back?”
Taehyung nods and grins brightly, waving before diving into the sea.
Jimin watches till he can’t see him anymore, and runs back home to tell his parents about the discovery.

“He exists!”
Jimin grumbles as he strolls along the ocean again, in the hopes that he will see Taehyung again. His parents have laughed it off when he told them, ruffling his hair and talking about how it’s good to be so young and innocent. Something wet and soggy lands on his face and he yelps, peeling the piece of seaweed off to the sound of laughter.
“Who were you talking to?”
Taehyung is there, tail swinging side to side gently. Jimin grabs his hand, determine to bring him to his parents.
“Mum and dad doesn’t believe me! I’m going to show you to them.”
Taehyung gets dragged across the sand before he manages to stop him
“I can’t walk in these. Besides, humans are not supposed to know about our existence.”
Jimin lets go of him immediately, apologizing for his rash actions.
“I guess we won’t meet again?” his eyes are downcast as he bite his lips, trying not to look upset.
Taehyung merely shrugs it off, glancing around as if to make sure that they are alone.
“We can be secret friends.”
At his suggestion Jimin’s expression brightens, and he holds up his pinky.
Taehyung gives him a confused look, until Jimin takes his pinky to link with his.
“This is a pinky promise. It means that the other can’t go back on their word.”
Taehyung’s face changes into an expression of understanding and he nods. They sit down side by side, Taehyung leaning against the rock as they stay near the shoreline. They feel the warm breeze and watch the ship in the far distance, enjoying the companionable silence.
“Can you tell me more about your world?”
Both of them turn to each other and say at the same time, eyes widening before bursting into fits of giggles.
Taehyung proceeds to tell him about his life in the underwater kingdom, to thank him for explaining about what a pinky promise is.
“We can talk to all the creatures of the sea, and sometimes I play with the sharks.”
At that Jimin makes a sound of surprise
“Won't they eat you up?”
His flicks some sand at Jimin with his tail playfully.
“No, we are like one big family! Jin hyung says that it is because we are rulers of the sea~”
Jimin couldn't hide his amazement at the statement, but before he could ask more Taehyung is bombarding him with questions.
“Can you communicate with other animals on the land? Does everything walk on two legs like you? What do you eat?”
Jimin laughs at how enthusiastic he is and answers all of the questions dutifully, noticing how Taehyung hangs on to his every word. They talk till the sun goes down and both realise they really had to go home now, promising to meet each other the next day.


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