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[BTS 95line] The Merboy and the Human 2/?
tiggerbang wrote in gukdae
Title: The Merboy and the Human
Pairing: 95line (Jimin and Taehyung)
Rating: PG
Summary: Jimin became secret friends with a merboy named Taehyung.
A/N: Because it was too long i had to cut it up (i did it according to the sequence of the prompts) more to come~

The sea

This continued on for days, and it seems they never run out of anything to tell each other. Jimin have never thought of his life as exciting before, but the way Taehyung asks about everything makes him notice his surroundings more. Taehyung, having not taught any matters of the land, doesn’t know what he is saying half of the time so Jimin tries to explain as best as he can. This makes it hard for him especially when its things like a vacuum cleaner and squirrel. He tried to draw them at home so he could show Taehyung but it doesn’t end up well. (Jimin is not that good at drawing and the end product is far from the real thing)
“It will be easier if I could show you! That way I can demonstrate to you what it does.”
It isn’t possible for him to take a squirrel or a vacuum cleaner without his parents scolding him, so before meeting Taehyung he would look around his house, taking a few objects to put in his bag. His friend is more than delighted by the objects no matter what it is, studying it closely and trying to guess what it does before Jimin tells him.

“Wait,wait! I got it! Its food for…rabbits?”
Taehyung guesses with an eraser in hand, and if not for Jimin he would have ate it up.
“I should give him something nice too.”
The merboy swims slowly around his room, and heads out to look for a gift. He scoops up the shells shattered all over the floor, picking out the prettiest. When he presents them to Jimin proudly he is satisfied by the shining eyes and smile by the other, who takes the shells and traces his finger over the patterns.
“It’s your turn. Tell me more about your home.”
The merboy thinks for a while before he start to speak, telling him about the time he saw a golden turtle and want to keep it as his pet. It didn’t end well, with the turtle biting him and his parents scolding him for treating such a sacred creature with disrespect.
“With have a lot of tales that are usually true. And we all know magic too! I can’t wait to go to school to learn more!”
It became a daily routine for them to swap stories, and even when they are schooling they always make sure to have time to meet each other at least thrice a week. Whenever they see a new object they would think of the other, and keep it in their bag to show it when they meet. Jimin would take his homework and do it by the sea, handing his textbook for Taehyung to read. The merboy will practice his magic sometimes, and they found out humans can’t perform magic when Jimin tries to learn it.

Taehyung have been wondering for a while now.
“Can you swim?”
He asks Jimin whos lying on his stomach, legs swinging back and forth in the air. At the question he freeze, before nodding slowly.
“Why don’t you play in the sea with me?”
The merboy doesn’t see the way he sighs or the way he grabs a fistful of sand.
“I don’t feel like swimming today.”
Jimin lies, but the merboy doesn’t give up. He really wants his friend to join him in the water so they can have fun. He cant move much on land but it’s a different matter when hes on the sea, just the thought of him having a swim race with Jimin gets him excited. Flicking water with his tail at his friend’s direction, he slides into the water.

As Taehyung gesture for him to go over, he eyes the water warily before dipping his feet into the water gingerly. He remembers the water pulling him down to the depths of the sea, darkness filing his vision completely and he shivers, backing away from the water quickly.
“I’m sorry. I-I can’t.”
Taehyung notices his weird behaviour and approach him, concerned expression on his face. He reach out to hold Jimin’s hand, patting his back when he feels him trembling.
“Are you afraid of the water?”
Jimin takes in a few deep breaths to calm himself down, gripping his hand. When he starts speaking, his voice is weak
He starts to talk about how he ran into the sea when he was younger, thinking that the water is shallow.
“When I ran in, I couldn’t feel my legs. The water was so deep…it was hard to breathe and I struggled to swim up.”
He finds himself back in the sea again, drowning and gasping for air.
“I couldn’t see anything, the water was so cold…”
He trails off and Taehyung offers him a hug, feeling the other hold onto him tightly.
“­­The sea isn’t a horrible place. I came from the sea remember?”
Jimin merely nods, relieved that his friend is here.
Maybe I can conquer the fear with his help.


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